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Author: topgigs Subject: Best places to retire

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Registered: 08-13-2012

posted on 08-14-2012 at 13:28 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Best places to retire

Best Countries For Retirement

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information regarding the best countries for retirement. Research was recently carried out in terms of housing, culture, cost of living, climate, health and safety in order to find out the best countries for retirement.
Ecuador has come out on top of the list as it has the lowest cost of housing and a pleasant climate. The third largest city which is called Cuenca only demands a cost of living of around $18,000 a year. However this city has some contemporary communities, shopping venues and spectacular architecture.
When discussing the best countries for retirement then it is important to point out that many people in their retirement age have special needs and these people usually want to have relaxation, comfort, safety and good health care facilities. However not every country in the world can offer these benefits.
Research has also found that the United States as well as the UK are not in the list for the best countries for retirement which is due to the high cost of living and high housing prices.
The other best countries for retirement are Panama, Caribbean, France, Italy, Brazil, Cuba, Australia, Argentina and Spain. It is important to point out that your own individual needs will be a key factor in your decision regarding which country to retire. Many people who want nothing but a good life may choose any spot in the Caribbean where the beautiful beaches and tropical environment offer perfect places for escapades.
Uruguay is another popular country to retire and can accommodate any retired citizen. Many American people who have retired in Uruguay have reported that the locals are very friendly. Although Uruguay may not be a top tourist destination, it can be a perfect choice for those people are looking for a quiet retirement. You will find markets, shopping venues, restaurants as well as other amazing destinations.
Italy is also one of the best countries for retirement. You will be able to experience the delectable cuisine, traditional architecture and fine wines. One of the most popular destinations in Italy is Calitri where the housing is quite cheap and it is bounded by lush forests and rolling hills.
Australia is also one of the best countries for retirement. The country offers a high standard of living and is full of beauty. There is also little pollution and this can help to give you a healthy lifestyle.
Australians are sociable and friendly people so you will feel at home if you choose to retire in Australia and you will adore the weather as the country has one of the best overall climates in the world.
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