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Author: ken Subject: Costa Rica Bargains
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posted on 09-11-2012 at 16:30 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Costa Rica Bargains

International living news letter:

In less than three hours, you can fly from Florida to Costa Rica. And right now, the round-trip airfare for the second week in November is only $270.

That's with Spirit Airlines from Fort Lauderdale. Another quick flight is from Miami with Lacsa (Taca)—$350 rouund-trip.

In fact, all the airfares we researched to Costa Rica (including Salt Lake City, L.A., and New York) are round-trip for flights Nov. 8-15. I'll give you more details in a moment.

You see, right now, Costa Rica really is the land of the great deals.

Maybe you still think of it as Latin America's "pricey destination?" No way. In fact, real estate prices in Costa Rica right now are low.

Consider the popular Central Valley. This is where most foreign retirees settle because of the temperate weather and proximity to the modern amenities of San Jose, with mega shopping malls and world-class medical care.

Yet you could buy a renovated home here...with a quarter-acre of land...for $79,000.

Lake Arenal is one of our favorite places in Costa Rica. It's probably the most beautiful. Plenty of bargains here, too.

A two-bedroom home on a quarter-acre, lake view property with incredible volcano views is just $100,000.

Costa Rica has two coasts. On the Pacific Coast, a luxurious ocean-view condo costs $179,000.

Great deals for entrepreneurs, too. On the Caribbean coast, you could buy a poplar downtown cafe for just $20,000.

It's no wonder Costa Rica is so popular with IL readers. We launched registration for the Fast-Track Costa Rica: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference last week and interest is, as expected, strong. If you're interested, to, my advice is: Don't wait and pay more.

You see, our Costa Rica Conference is a great deal, too. If you register early, you get a $200 discount...and your guest pays less than half price. But that's just the beginning. Get a full list of discounts here.

And the November dates for those airfares I mentioned are a perfect match for the Conference, giving you plenty of time to apply all the Costa Rica insider secrets you'll have learned.

Here are some more round-trip airfares we discovered to San Jose, Costa Rica:

- New York (Spirit): $284
- Salt Lake City (Delta): $358
- Los Angeles (Spirit): $494

Here's one more Costa Rica deal for you. The Fast-Track Costa Rica Conference is taking place at the luxurious Costa Rica Marriott Hotel San Jose. Named by Conde Nast as one of the best hotels in Central America and Mexico, this is a beautiful colonial hacienda set on 30 acres of coffee plantation.

It's a fabulous retreat—and the fulll price you'd normally pay to stay here is well worth it. But during the Conference...and for a few days before and after, if you can stay in the Marriott for $135 a night. But only if you're a registered attendee.
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