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Author: Abib Subject: Shocking comments from the Arab League of Nations
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Registered: 11-03-2014

posted on 11-03-2014 at 21:51 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Shocking comments from the Arab League of Nations

Shocking statements from senior member of the League of Arab Nations when ask if any Arab Nations would send troops or money to defeat ISIS, a quick response, "This is American mess, Bush created this problem, so It is Americans responsibility to clean it up. Bush killed and dismantled most of Iraq military and police, what did he think would happen. America destabilize the region. The US may think its young men are disposable commodity but the Arab nations do not. America created this disaster and now it needs to fix it. American has a long history of interference that has lead to much blood shed in the middle east."

So will America sacrifice more of it men and women for a another losing battle. A recent report from the VA: E ach day 22 Vets kill them selves from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD) that is over 8000 a year, now figure if this trend continue for next 25 years, the cost of American will be over 100,000 deaths directly related to the Bush wars, is American ready to sacrifice 100,000 more of our young men and women, and several trillion dollars more for past mistakes of Bush. Cost of the war has just begun over 90,000 vets have applied for disability for PTSD, this cost of this with be in the billions each year, providing welfare and heath care for all these vets. the cost will continue for the next fifty to sixty years. Putting huge presure already on the VA system. a system congress already refuses to fund properly.

Lets here your views on ISIS and the PUSH for America to send ground troops to the Middle East.

William Coldwell
1st World View
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I agree

I agree, why should Arab nations pay the cost of human life for Bush and American's aggression. I do not believe one Sudia life should be wasted on Americas wars. A war America lost the day it invaded Irac. Now ISIL is just waiting for you to come so they can kill and wound as man Americans as it can. I am sure America will be so stupid to fall for it and let is Children die for the mistakes of Bush.

I love Americans, but I hate the way your government is always starting wars.
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